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People tend to think of stress as a psychological phenomenon, but the cells that make up our bodies can also be exposed to various kinds of physical stress caused by internal and external factors, such as high or low temperatures, UV light, nutrient starvation, hypoxia, reactive oxygen species, and malfolded protein. Our laboratory has set a goal to understand details of cell-sensing stress and defensive response to the stress at molecular, cellular, and living organism levels. We have especially considered cellular stress as an important research target from the aspect of not only basic biology but also medical science. We are interested in the relationship between stress and lifestyle diseases, inflammation, aging, cancer, neurodegenerative disorder, and abnormal behavior. We also make efforts for the development of model animals to monitor cellular stress in vivo.

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  • IWAWAKI Takao 顔(岩脇)写真


  • AKAI Ryoko

Research Assistant

  • HAMASHIMA Hisayo

Research Achievements

Research Activities

  • Iwawaki T, Akai R, Toyoshima T, Takeda N, Ishikawa T, Yamamura K "Transgenic mouse model for imaging of ATF4 translational activation-related cellular stress responses in vivo" Sci Rep, 7, 46230, 2017.
  • Akai R, Hosoda A, Yoshino M, Iwawaki T "Constitutive role of GADD34 and CReP for cancel of phospho-eIF2α-dependent translational attenuation and insulin biosynthesis in pancreatic β cells" Genes Cells, 20, 871-886, 2015.
  • Iwawaki T, Akai R, Oikawa D, Toyoshima T, Yoshino M, Suzuki M, Takeda N, Ishikawa TO, Kataoka Y, Yamamura K "Transgenic mouse model for imaging of interleukin-1β-related inflammation in vivo" Sci Rep, 5, 17205, 2015.
  • Iwawaki T, Akai R, Yamanaka S, Kohno K "Function of IRE1 alpha in the placenta is essential for placental development and embryonic viability" Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 106, 16657-16662, 2009.
  • Iwawaki T, Akai R, Kohno K, Miura M "A transgenic mouse model for monitoring endoplasmic reticulum stress" Nat Med, 10, 98-102, 2004.

External Research Funding

  • KAKENHI, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) (2018-2020)
  • PMAC, The Science Research Promotion Fund (2018-)
  • The Naito Foundation, Research Grant (2018)
  • The Nakatani Foundation, Grant Program for Research Study (2018)
  • Toray Science Foundation, Science and Technology Grant (2016-2018)